Freie Dienstmännervereinigung GbR

Always at your service!


Business history

The “Freie Dienstmänner” porters can look back on a long tradition.

At the beginning of the 60s, it was Mr. Wulf-Dieter Graf zu Castell, managing director of the Flughafen München Riem GmbH at the time, who approached the porters at Munich main railway station and offered them to provide their services at Munich-Riem Airport. A handful of porters accepted this invitation in 1963. On the occasion of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, they got more colleagues from the main railway station to support them at the airport. For organisational reasons, they decided to unite under “Freie Dienstmänner Vereinigung” (in English: Free Porter Association); free because we have always been self-employed up to this day. Regarding work, we operate as a team since this is the only way to be able to offer the service effectively and at the same time customer-friendly considering the size of Munich Airport.

Dienstmann auf Bank

In the past the porters waited for customers on their bench

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